Workshops 2009

Perpetual Folds: Voice Workshop

February 9 – April 13
Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Singing is a way of discovering oneself, a dialog with our inner self and an experience of communicating with others. The voice can take us to a deep journey of sounds, qualities, styles and expressions. For this journey to be healthy, energetic and artistic, we need an approach to the voice as an instrument, we need to learn from it and about it.

This workshop focuses on the development of the voice through breathing, body awareness and voice technique (pitch quality, range, support -physical strength-, emission & intonation). During these process we’ll work on collective singing, individual song interpretation, sound exploration and voice improvisation. Through work on body releasing and voice technique we bring our body/mind to a state of open and creative presence. Open to all levels.

Teatro IATI – Instituto Arte Teatral Internacional
59-61 East 4th. Street, 4th. floor
Contact: 212-505-6757

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