The Candombe Jazz Sessions (ZOHO Music, 2012)

The Candombe Jazz Sessions

The Candombe Jazz Sessions (ZOHO Music, 2012) with the Sabrina Lastman Quartet

Sabrina Lastman Quartet are: Sabrina Lastman (voice/songs), Emilio Solla (piano/arrangements), Pablo Aslan (double bass), David Silliman (drums/percussions).

Special guests: Alexander Norris (trumpet), Meg Okura (violin), Dave Eggar (cello), Ernesto Villa-Lobos (violin), Daphna Mor (recorders), Arturo Prendez (Candombe drum piano), Manuel Silva (Candombe drum repique) and Fabricio Teodoro (Candombe drum chico).

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The Candombe Jazz Sessions reflects Sabrina Lastman gift of storytelling. It does not matter if it is an improvised wordless tale, a poetic interpretation sung in Spanish or Portuguese, or her thoughts put to music. It is always a vivid story, full of passionate dramatic nuances, elegance and charm and with a touch of irony.” -Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

A very unusual recording is found in The Candombe Jazz Sessions. Featuring vocalist extraordinaire Sabrina Lastman, The Candombe Jazz Session is a mixture of various musical styles. But mainly it is Sabrina Lastman’s story and she spins quite a tale with vocals like that… Lastman possesses a very exclusive vocal style. The 10 tracks on The Candombe Jazz Sessions validate this.” -Birmingham Times

“There seems to be at least one cd in my mailbox each week that features yet another female jazz singer. Some have stellar back-up bands or top quality arrangers. Few leave lasting impressions… Uruguayan born singer/composer Sabrina Lastman possesses an exceptional voice and a fearless sense of daring. The combination is a compelling amalgam that is on showcase on her latest release The Candombe Jazz Sessions.” -Ralph A. Miriello

Tasty throughout, this session is an oasis that’s no mirage.  Off the beaten track and well worth the trip.” -Chris Spector, Midwest Records

“She closes with an a cappella reading of “Cilada Verbal,” a poem by de Sant’Anna which displays her alluring charm and mystique. Similar, but unlike anything you’re used to.” -Jeorge W. Harris,  Jazz Weekly