SoCorpo CD Release Concert


Tuesday, April 23, 7:30pm
SoCorpo – Inelement Cd Release
Le Poisson Rouge Gallery
158 Bleecker St., NY

SoCorpo will perform the new Inelement CD, plus selections from their previous album, On Becoming. Inelement (Ears Wide Open Records) draws inspiration and influences from the ancient world’s five elements from various cultures: Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Void. It is an ode to the natural world and to the essences that enliven our bodies and lives. This composed and improvised work is for two voices, live and looped. Instrumentally, the work features the mbira array & two zithers, the bowed psaltery and autoharp which are played acoustically and processed, through plucking, bowing, striking and strumming.

“Inelement” is available now on CD Baby.